What Is the Perfect Time to Post on Instagram

Obviously as a digital marketer you are looking for the best ways to optimize the performance of your content on Instagram. It is of no surprise that we post when we want, which doesn’t return the best results for your efforts.

The fact is that it is not business alone that care about optimization of content – individuals also do. Today we look at the best times to post on Instagram, regardless of the time zone.

Understanding the Algorithm

Before we try to know when the best time for posting is, you need to understand why it matters to know when to post. This is where the Instagram algorithm comes in. long time ago, the Instagram algorithm didn’t matter so much, things have changed and as we speak, it is all that matters.

Starting 2018, not all the content that you post is equal. Even if you are designing and sharing the best content there ever will be, it might just fade off, like it never existed. The reason for this fact is that Instagram is constantly deciding which posts meet the necessary standards, and which ones don’t.

You won’t get a high engagement rate just because you have posted a lot of images in such a short time. Instead, Instagram looks at the posts that have the highest number of engagement and these are the ones that are shown to your followers. And remember it is not just the level f engagement the posts receive, but how much engagement they receive and how fast the engagement is generated when you upload content.

This means that your post is rated according to the number of likes, shares, and comments the moment you upload, the more popular it becomes. The high level of engagement signals Instagram to show that what you have posted is high quality content.

So, how do the posting times come in? Knowing what times return the highest level of engagement is most likely to give you the surge that keeps you at the top of your followers’ news feed where it can easily be seen.

The Best Times

So, what are the best times to post on Instagram? Research shows that there are a few slots that are most likely to generate the highest level of engagement for your account.

If you are targeting local audiences, then the best times are lunch break (between 11am and 2pm), when they are commuting home (starting 5 pm) or when they arrive at home and are relaxing (7pm-11pm). Additionally, you can also post at 2pm, because at this time there are very few people who are posting content online, meaning your content gets seen by many people.

The best times also vary depending on the kind of content that you share. People at work will more likely check out images as compared to videos. Therefore, sharing videos at lunch break or in the evening assures you of high engagement rates compared to images.

Why You Need a Business Account to Determine the Right Times

If you are running a company business account, it is vital that you set the profile to a business account, because this will allow you to access top analytic tools and know the performance statistics of your posts. It also allows you to know more about your audience, such as the times and days when they are active. Check out the best posting times broken down for you on The Small Business Blog.

Final Words

It takes more than just throwing a handful of photos on Instagram to get the engagement that you need. What you need to do is to understand how the algorithm works, and then schedule your posts to run depending on what times you have identified.