Wedding Entertainment Tips and Ideas

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Wedding Entertainment Tips and Ideas

If your big day is quickly approaching, you may probably have lots of activities and plans underway already. Before then, you might have to spend a lot of time deciding on numerous options for your wedding entertainment. There are many aspects that will make your wedding day an amazing event. Still, choosing the right entertainment for your audience is also of great importance. You will need to make your wedding an exciting event so that your attendees remember all of the great experiences even years after the big day. While there are quite numerous entertainers equipped to stage energising performances in some of the casual social settings like birthday parties, some of them may not have the authentic experience required to make your wedding a brilliant one to remember. So when selecting the most suitable entertainment for your big day, it is necessary that you only consider hiring entertainers who have performed at different weddings previously. Below are some tips that can help you choose the best wedding entertainers.

    1. Consult from wedding planners

While many people tend to disregard this step as obvious, asking questions and seeking recommendations will help you in choosing who to hire as your wedding entertainer. In essence, there are those who hire wedding performers even without consulting and asking the entertainers about their previous experiences with weddings. As a safety measure, it is important that you use relevant questions too about the performers’ experiences with weddings before tempting to hire them. In most cases, honest performers will be quite upfront with you regarding their previous experiences and perhaps ready to offer valid answer to all of your doubts or questions.

Besides, you ought to also ask them about some special arrangements and challenges they have faced previously. This way, you can tell whether they are the right match or not. When you find the right performers, they will demonstrate knowledge of their job and accordingly fulfil your requests.

    1. Request videos of previous performances


Professional entertainers will have a database of previous performances at different weddings. When you get in touch with potential entertainers, make sure that they show you their previous videos. You can then watch them and make decisions based on what you have watched. Video evidence goes a long way to confirm your doubts. It is also easier to make decisions after you have compared your expectations with the performers’ previous works. In actuality, all professional entertainers will try to have some videos as demos, either on their websites or elsewhere.

Specific wedding entertainers like singers will have videos of their singing performances, while comedians will also have videos of their comedy performances. This way, you are likely to make decisions depending on what suits your audience. Entertainers without videos may lack real experience as professional entertainers or may be dishonest about their experiences. Should you suspect that you are experiencing either of these cases, you should quickly step to the next option.

    1. Read testimonials and reviews

As much as there are many wedding entertainers around, it might not be possible that you know them all. Moreover, different people have different tastes or preferences for entertainers when it comes to wedding events. The wedding audience may also sometimes help make the right decision on who best suits that particular audience. In regards to this, it is fundamental that you read reviews of the performers beforehand to ascertain their levels of appropriateness regarding the audience as well as to find out what others have to say about their services. You may also find interesting feedbacks on whether the performers are the right pick depending on how they treated their previous clients.

Professional performers will likely have official social media pages, a website or any other platform where you can find such information. By reading reviews and testimonials you can tell whether the entertainer is suitable for your wedding event or not. With the digital outlets becoming more advanced today, it will be quite impossible to find entertainers who do not have an online presence in one way or another.

    1. Consider your audience

As already mentioned, the type of the audience at your wedding event will also be of consideration before you pick the best of the entertainers for them. You should try to figure out whether your audience loves music, fireworks, fire-eating or any other kind of surprise performances. With this knowledge, it will be easier to go for the particular options.

Assuming that the audience loves music, you should also go deeper to find out the type of music performers around and decide on whether to hire one. Interestingly, music is a regarded as a great part of any wedding. Most audiences will probably prefer music performances during wedding; it brings the real picture of glamour and emotional uplift as you walk down the aisle. Imagine the first dance as a love song fills the air and get the party started! In many weddings, music accentuates the mood, brings a glamorous affair, and makes the audience excited.

So whether you are anticipating a fulfilling wedding reception or an after party event performance, your decision on who will perform will likely depend on many factors. Most importantly, you must make sure that the entertainer you choose is certainly the best pick both for the wedding event and the audience. James Barlow, the popular wedding singer, is one of the closest choices you ought to look out for when considering to hire a professional wedding singer. You can check out his videos and testimonials from the website and make the decision based on previous performances.