Three Products from the Nineties that are still Cool

For those of you lucky enough to have been born and raised in the nineties, you had access to a whole lot of products aimed at kids and teenagers that made growing up in the nineties that much sweeter.

From Pokemon cards to beanie babies and Tamagotchis, there was a lot to be stoked on as a nineties kid. While technology has made your lives easier and improved a lot of things that you couldn’t have done back then, it’s nice looking back at all the stuff you had and how fun it made your childhood and adolescence. Here are three excellent products straight out of the nineties that are, surprisingly, still fresh and have done somewhat of a comeback due to the uprising of the hipster generation in the last decade or so. Any reason to reminisce is a good one!

The first product from the nineties that is still cool today is the Nintendo.

Before computers made their major debut in the early 2000’s and took over the gaming world, there was the humble Gameboy and the Nintendo. The Nintendo was the perfect toy to take with you wherever you went so that if you got bored waiting for your Mom’s doctors appointment or got stuck in the car waiting for your sister to come out of school, there was this awesome portable game player. Now that two decades have passed since then, we’ve come full circle, and Nintendo sees how they can keep a stake in the gaming industry. They’re even trying to create a Nintendo that you attach to your phone! Retro Pool is the perfect review website to check out the revival and immortalizing of the sacred Nintendo.

The second product from the nineties that has made a huge comeback and is now all the rage with adolescents everywhere is the Polaroid camera.

While the Polaroid was invented and put on the market a few decades before, it peaked in popularity in the nineties with the surge of popular culture and teen-angst movies making it an extremely sought after product. Fast forward twenty more years and you’ve got a strong revival of something that used to be the only way to produce instant photos. The convenience of the digital age makes it so easy to take and store photos on your computer in mere minutes. It’s become cool again to take a picture and develop it straight away, giving you a tangible memento of those awesome memories you’re making. While its parts are expensive, it’s certainly proved popular with a generation that is celebrating their adolescence almost two decades after the nineties.

The third and final product from the nineties that has become cool again, especially – and surprisingly – amongst young adults, is Warheads sour candy.

Warheads sour candy were such a novelty item in the nineties, entertaining 13-year-olds everywhere with its extreme sourness – eating a whole bag at once was the perfect challenge to give your friends while skating around on summer break. With the recent uprising of YouTube and YouTube stars creating and making challenge videos so popular, Warheads sour candy has once again earned its place on the cool list of products from the nineties. Young adults challenge each other to eat as many as they can at one time, all the while filming the process to put on their YouTube channel for views and likes. Warheads seemed to have followed the nineties kids into their twenties as they reminisce on those carefree days of playing outside and eating sour candy.

The nineties was the decade to celebrate being an adolescent, and all the products on the market that were cool at the time certainly made this easier to achieve.

While a lot of them died with the turn of the century, and some of them you would rather just forget about than be reminded of, there are a select few that you just can’t bear to let go. They remind you of those glorious bright days of adolescence that were made so much more bearable with a fun Nintendo game or blurry Polaroid picture.