The Role of The Smartphone in Home Automation

It is called a “smartphone” for a reason. Most people use this gadget to browse the internet, share files, play games, stream video and music, get social and much more. While most people see these tasks as amazing, these applications don’t use so much intelligence to justify the smartness of this device. There is one side of smartphones that you don’t know existed, maybe until now.

For your information, your smartphone is a small yet fully functional computer in your hands. You can do amazing things around your home that you wouldn’t do twenty years ago. Let us look at some of the things you can perform with your phone

Manage Your Car

Current vehicles come incorporated with computer chips that run the controls of the vehicle. Due to this, you can connect a device to the computer chip and perform some of the operations you used to perform manually. Traditionally you had to use a key to manually open the car and start it, and then came the remote, now you have the smartphone to do this.

You can use the smartphone to perform several tasks including locking the car door, releasing the trunk, honking the horn and more. You can also check the status of the car to make sure it is safe wherever it is.

Control Your Doors

You can now lock your front door by tapping a button on the smartphone. Integrating the app with a monitoring mechanism helps you control the locking and unlocking mechanisms of your front door. You can set the door to open when you approach it, eliminating the need to fumble for keys especially when your hands are full.

Control Your Television

Current smartphones come with an infrared port so that you can forget your remote control and use your phone to control the television. All you need is to download the app for this task and choose the manufacturer of the television and you are done. After setting it up, you can carry out all the tasks you perform with the standard remote.

This saves you the troublesome task of digging up your cushions looking for the elusive remote. You also have the luxury of owning several remotes, although this can become confusing at times.

Automate your lights

One of the essential components of any home is the lights. Automating your lights saves you a lot of time and effort moving from one room to the next switching off light after light. All you need is to have light fixtures that you can control via your smartphone and you are set.

Garage Door Automation

One of the top priorities for home automation is garage door automation. It is annoying and tiring to come in the evening from work, worn out and tired only to be faced with the task of getting out of the car and opening the garage door. You can make things easier by installing smart garage locks that synchronize with your smartphone to allow you to open the garage door at the tap of the button.

Garage automation gives you a number of options to work with. You can decide on the delay duration before the garage closes on its own, you can also monitor the status of the garage remotely or you can choose to give access to specific members of your family or friend’s access to the garage when you aren’t around.

All you need to do is have the app on your smartphone and have access to the internet.

What Do You Need for Successful Home Automation?

These are just some of the ways you can use your smartphone make your home more automated. However, you need time essentials to make everything work. These home automation systems work via the internet, so you need an internet gateway. The first step is determining your needs. You can get pointers on The Smart Future.

Most of the systems come with a gadget that you have to fix in your home. For instance, for garage automation, you need to fit a smart lock that will synchronize with the app on the smartphone. You can perform the setup by yourself without the need to spend on installation costs.

These systems come with consoles that let you adjust different parameters. Make sure to read the user manual to understand what each setting entails and what suits you.

Final Thoughts

Home automation works wonders for your tasks. You end up saving time and money as well. You can take a vacation knowing that your home is safe since you can monitor the status of different items remotely. Setting up the app and gadget is easy and straightforward.