The Only 5 Weebly Themes You’ll Need For Any Business

When business owners who need to set up a website, STAT, scroll through listicles of the best website templates, they’re usually hit with these buzzwords: “responsive!” and, “mobile-friendly!” and “e-commerce ready!”

But what does that mean for your business? You want to cut through the white noise and bring some sanity to your shortlist of website templates. Think about the jam experiment: when confronted with 24 choices of jam, shoppers were paralyzed.

If you’re facing choice overload, like those poor would-be jam buyers, take a deep breath: this is not a “56 best templates of 2017” round-up – because that’s only going to make you feel like a deer in headlights.

You don’t need to stall this decision anymore. We want help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

So consult our curated list of 5 of the best Weebly themes to help you get set up. Ready to start building quality content, reaching your audience and selling online? Let’s do this.

    1. For Photographers & Design Portfolios – Cento

This theme uses a lot of white space, crisp font and an organized menu in the header portion of the page to help the gallery and slideshow elements stand out as much as possible. Flip between the gallery, which shows a number of pieces at a time, and slideshow format, which zooms in one large photo.

For this theme, pictures, photos and graphical elements speak louder than words or widgets – site owners have the choice to add an unlimited amount of photos in the grid formation that users can then scroll through, ad nauseum.

But, if you want to harness the power of the theme, you can do more than simply showcase your pieces. Use the navigational menu to set up an “About Me” page, a contact page or a “Services” page with your pricing, calendar and availability.

You can also use the main gallery and slideshow functionality to create a lookbook, if you’re a designer, and showcase samples of previous work, spec work or even process shots of you in the studio. Visual storytelling is made easy with this theme.

    1. For Restaurants and Creative Projects – Slick

Slick is the perfect theme for food blogs or restaurants that want to showcase their interiors, dishes and menus. Creative filmmakers can use the site as a promotional and informational hub for a creative project.

Slick is all about big, bold typeface and full width header images that make an impact right as the user lands on the homepage. The scrolling functionality is smooth and keeps the user’s eye moving seamlessly down the page.

It also has a collapsible navigation menu so nothing intrudes on the information or visuals you’re displaying and users feel they have control over the experience. Use clean, vector social icons to hook into your social channels and overlay content easily on background images to add depth.

    1. For Agencies or Feature-Rich SaaS – Brisk

Remember how excited everyone got over that whole “fluid scrolling, static background”? That effect is known as parallax scrolling. It’s a single page layout that loads content as you move down the page, from pane to pane.

This means that you can focus various aspects of your agency – a portfolio, testimonials, a “Meet the Team” section, outlining the project process, and finally leading users to a contact form.

SaaS – software-as-a-service – businesses especially love this format for two very specific reasons:

    • Firstly, this theme doesn’t allow the user to get distracted – they go through one, continuous experience, taking in information one piece at a time. This means, they’re much more likely to be persuaded at the end.
    • Instead of having to think through a “workflow” of moving the user from the homepage to the “contact us now for a quote” page, businesses can simply present the “purchase” or “contact” screen as the last logical step in the scrolling experience.

Brisk’s elegant serif font along with its emphasis on full-width images and text overlay does not disappoint in either function or design.

    1. For Travel-Based Businesses and Blogs – Elite

Perfect for travel blogs or small, specialty travel agencies, Elite is a flexible and free theme and template that can make full use of unique elements such as video backgrounds or video headers, text overlays, contact forms, testimonials, and a search bar right on the homepage.

Users can move through the booking or information-gathering process right from the homepage because Elite displays information right up front. This means you can showcase image links to your content blog or updates and sort destinations by categories such as “Honeymoon” and “Adventure”. You can also use Elite to display a contact or booking form right in the footer and have a section for packages with pricing as products

Elite is a favorite for travel blogs and companies as site owners can use the header section to articulate the aesthetic and experience users can expect, as well as give information on a couple of featured destinations. It’s lightweight and fully responsive, making it the perfect choice for a start-up travel business or blog.

    1. All-In-One & Responsive – Unite

Can’t make up your mind as to whether you’re a lifestyle site, a blogger or a business? Maybe you’ve just found a smart way to do all three.

In which case, kudos! Why not “unite” all three of your strategies and creative outlets with the one of the best Weebly themes, Unite?

True to its name, Unite weaves together a storefront with blogging options, galleries for lifestyle content and flexible pages that site owners can edit to match functions like “Resources” pages.  You can set up boxed headers, text overlays, tiled products for storefronts and sidebar navigation.

And there you have it! So, no more excuses and delays. Pick a theme and cross your site’s set up off your to-do list today with any of these 5 themes.