Mall Security: The Role of Proper Identification

The mall – this is the place where you get all the items you need in the home. It is the place where your kids go to hang out and enjoy various games. It is also a place where you can go to unwind after a stressful day. Malls are frequented by thousands of shoppers each day looking for products or services. With such a large number of people visiting malls, security needs to be high.

Security Threats in Malls

In order for you to handle the security threats that abound in malls, you need to know what the common threats are so that you can address them. On top of the list is theft. Malls have a large number of valuable items that are attractive to thieves. Without the proper security measures, shoplifting can become a huge threat in these malls.

Unauthorized entry follows shoplifting. These malls have different entry and exit points for customers, deliveries, and employees. Additionally, there are many people delivering packages in and out all day long. These factors make it hard to monitor who comes in and who goes out of the building. Without the right kind of security and identification strategy, security people might find it hard to know who is who.

Another top security threat relates to the cars that customers park in the parking space allocated to the mall. The parking area usually has lots of cars that are unattended for long periods. Improper identification and safety procedures make it hard for security personnel to monitor the vehicles in this area.

Tips for Preventing These Security Threats

In order for you to handle these security threats, it is vital that you have security protocols in place to address these threats. One of the safety strategies you need to address is proper identification. You can handle this via the use of identification cards and tags that you can easily get from

Make sure each employee in the mall has an identification tag that identifies him or her to the visitors. Those with special access to sensitive areas of the mall should also have IDs that show this information. You can even have extra cards for vehicle owners.

These cards can come with different kinds of information to help in identification and security. For instance, if you are obtaining cards for your employees, make sure you have a space for the photo, the name, the department and the role. This helps your customers to identify who to approach when they need any help.

For the parking area, you can have valets to sport a specific ID card that identifies them to the motorists. This card will help the car owner to know who to trust with the car and who not to trust.

In Closing

The mall is one of the most targeted businesses by vandals and thieves. You need to make sure that the people who come to look for products and services won’t be at risk. One of the best ways to secure the whole premise is to use identification cards and tags for all employees.