Making memories

When you look back at your life as a whole so far what are the things you remember most. Is it the days when you were sitting outside with your friends, recalling stories from past adventures, or is those times when you decided to stay in and not do anything at all, simply lounging around watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix? I would wager a fairly large amount of money that it is the former rather than the latter.

Some of the best memories in life are made when you put in the least efforts. Everyone knows that those spontaneous nights are the best ones 99% of the time. The nights when you get a text of your best friend and six or seven of you gather round one house to enjoy a barbecue, a few beers and some chilled music as you discuss all the ills of the world are more often than not a lot better than the nights which have been planned down to a tee. Who wants to put in all of the effort of arranging a big night out, having people say they are coming and then dropping out at the last minute, having to arrange transportation and worrying about costs as everywhere you go is always a lot more expensive than it would have been if you has simply run down to the supermarket and grabbed some food and drinks. All of that bother is really not for me at all.

I would much rather spend my time remaining calm and knowing I will enjoy myself. Something else that often happens on a night out is the pressure to have fun that comes with actually paying to be there. Whenever you head out to the latest trendy nightclub there is the perpetual implication that you will have the time of your life due to the location and it almost never happens. Sure there will be the odd night when David Beckham walks in and buys everyone a round of drinks before dancing with you all but this won’t happen the vast majority of the time. Going out involves a lot of people pretending to be happy when in reality all they really want to do is go to bed!

Before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and claims that I am an old man because of this, I am more than aware of that fact. In clubs the music is too loud, everything is overpriced and they are normally full of horrific, sweaty people. I stay well away whenever I can. My personal preference is to go round to a friend’s house, have a few causal beers and the talk or play some video games. Being able to hold a conversation without a song that sounds exactly the same as every other one that has played that night blaring away in your ear is only a bonus too!

Now I don’t know if it is just me that has this opinion. Many of my friends seem to be of the same mind set and the thing I have noticed is that it has occurred as we have all gotten older. Back in the days of being 18 and 19 we would be more than up for going out every single week and having a little too much to drink. We would happily guzzle down some beverages that nowadays I would not let anywhere near my mouth for fear of heaving and being unable to get out of bed the next morning thanks to a hangover. Now that we are that little bit older and a hell of a lot wiser, we tend to stick to our limits. If a meal is offered we will choose this over a heavy night on the town any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, the odd one here and there is no bad thing, but I couldn’t do it as often as I used to. I used to think that all adults were dull and boring when I was growing up. Now that I have become one I am happy to take dull and boring whenever I get the chance to!