How to Get Your Business Online the Easy Way

How To Get Your Business Online

Bringing your business online can seem like a mind-numbing task, especially if you don’t have any experience with computers. While there are a lot of steps, modern technology makes building an online presence very straightforward. Use this guide to bring your physical business into the digital world without the hassles.

Where Does Your Business Need to Be Online?

If you want your business to be noticed online, you will need to do more than build a website. Most modern businesses build a simple website with a blog to start and then get involved with social media. Having a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or other social media account helps bring people to your website. It also allows you to interact with customers and build rapport. You should also make sure your business is listed on Google Maps to drive local traffic.

Getting Started on Social Media

Social media for business starts with selecting the appropriate networks to be involved with. Most businesses start with Facebook and Twitter, as these are the two of the largest networks. You shouldn’t limit yourself to these networks; many businesses see success on picture-oriented networks like Pinterest or Instagram. Build a profile for each network and analyze where your target audience is.

After building profiles, you will need to start posting content to get attention. While this can sound time-consuming, keep in mind that social media services can take care of most of the work. Try using a service that allows you to schedule posts in advance to save time. If you start seeing a lot of social media activity, such as messages or comments, you can use more advanced management services.

Building a Website That Reflects Your Brand

Once you have your social media profiles updated and ready to go, start focusing on your website. Several tools and companies make this a very simple process. After you purchase a domain name, such as “,” sign up for a WordPress site. WordPress is a platform that allows businesses to easily update and maintain their websites without using a lot of coding.

Getting started with WordPress can be as easy as selecting a template, but you should consider working with a professional WordPress development company. Professionals can provide you with a unique website that perfectly reflects your brand. They can even coordinate your social media and website development efforts. For example, every time you write a new blog post, your social media followers will see it in their feeds. They can also optimize your new website, helping you rank higher in search engines.

Once you have your website set up, you can start adding content to help visitors get a better idea of what you have to offer. Write a detailed home, about us, and contact page. You should also consider adding a detailed page for each of your services or product categories. Don’t worry, this can be outsourced to a copywriter or marketing specialist. Many of the companies that build WordPress sites will offer these services.

Moving forward, you should also create a blog on your website. This can help you inform your regular customers about changes in your business or industry-related news. Small local businesses should post one to three times per week. If you had a website made for you, talk to the company and ask about ongoing content management services to make the process even easier. 

Driving More Local Traffic

The biggest concerns of a business owner should be maintaining a website and their social media accounts. To make sure your business has a strong online presence, there are a few one-time steps that you should do:

  • Add your business to Google Maps and MapQuest.
  • List your website on all social media accounts.
  • Create a special email address for your website.
  • Promote your website and social media accounts to gain regular followers.

Business owners should embrace technology and put their businesses online. This not only helps to encourage foot traffic, it is a great way to improve customer service and gain long-term clientele. Each step can be outsourced, making it easy for people with little online marketing or coding experience to go digital. With more people turning to the Internet to tell them where to shop, being online is vital to the modern business.