Consumer Perception: Are You Doing it Right?

A consumer that walks into your shop and the one that checks out the items in your online catalog have one thing in common that will determine their decision – perception. Perception refers to the attempt by the brain to make sense of any stimuli to which a person gets exposed. This perception is the one that will work in your favor as a business person or not.

Factors That Drive Consumer Perception

Several factors will determine the way a customer makes a decision. One of the major factors is exposure. This is the level at which you expose the consumer to the product or service. For instance, if you continuously deliver the right messages to the consumer, regardless of the channel you choose, you might influence a buying decision.

The message you deliver needs to be at a position where the consumer will access it. For instance, you can use billboards, bumper stickers on vehicles and banners at shopping malls to pass your message.

Exposure might be random or specific. For instance, a consumer that seeks to buy a product might stumble upon an advert that will stimulate his purchasing decision. On the other hand, a consumer might check out a specific advert depending on the need at hand.


Well, exposure isn’t all you need to guarantee a sale. You might place ads all over the internet but get no sale at all. One of the ways to guarantee an order or an inquiry is to grab the attention of the potential buyer. Attention comes in terms of degrees – you must initiate the right level of attention to get an order.

One of the ways to grab attention is to provide something more than what your competitor does. Fact has it that the consumer will always go for the seller that promises more at the same price. So, what more can you offer?

The Interpretation

Well, you might deliver the right message, but how will the buyer understand it? You might think you have crafted the perfect marketing ad, only to find that buyers interpret it way different than you expected. Use color sparingly, use words the right way and you will get the right message to the target audience.

The Relevance

You need to give the consumer what they need to solve a given problem. Yes, you might have the most energy efficient vacuum cleaner in the world, but at the end of the day, does it clean the way it ought to? So, whatever solutions you offer to your buyers, make sure it is relevant to the problem.


You won’t benefit so much from a one-time purchase however huge it is. As a businessman who is looking to expand the business, you need to turn a single visit into hundreds more. This is called retention. How can you achieve this? First, you need to know what drives your customers’ buying decisions. Make sure you understand why they choose your store in the first place and build on it.

You also need to make the marketing image stick to your customer’s minds in such a way that they won’t forget it any time sooner. Let it be in such a way that every time they think of purchasing that particular item, you are the first person to come to mind. There are various ways to do this, starting with having a product that will deliver on the promises.

Use the Right Platform

What is the best platform to deliver your message, and create the right perception? Platforms change with time; decades ago you could reach the multitude using radio and print media. But times have changed, right now the world has gone digital and you can access millions from the digital platforms. However, it isn’t as easy as you look; make sure you work with a digital marketing agency in Mongolia to create the right perception without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: The Right Consumer Perception is Your Best Friend

Make sure you elicit the right perception in your consumers to drive sales and enjoy loyalty. You can do this by having the right product, delivering the perfect message on the right platform. Don’t overlook the importance of a professional touch when it comes to delivering the right message, especially on digital platforms.