Benefits of Laser Fiber Marking Technology

Most of the laser marking methods involves engraving or etching the material component to reveal the surface underneath. The contrasting material under the surface layer is the one that provides the design. This process uses high energy laser systems.

At the moment, the laser industry is becoming more advanced, and now most industries opt for fiber lasers for industrial processes. Fiber lasers are cost effective as compared to traditional laser mechanisms, have a fast turnover and are more reliable. This has made them enjoy a huge acceptance in the manufacturing industry.

Laser marking produces a high contrast, durable identification and provides easily readable information. The technology is applicable for a wide range of consumer products. Are you looking for one such equipment? Needham has fiber marking machines for sale in various types.

The process follows a well defined process – the fiber marking machine follows the design set by a computer program to engrave the design onto a surface using a contactless process.

This comes with various benefits.


A business is all about speed of manufacturing. Fiber lasers work at a high speed to deliver better results as compared to traditional marking techniques. The results are clear and last long, and above all, permanent. This speed is useful in various ways. First, you enjoy a high turnover in that you reduce the production process, ending up with more products in a shorter time.

Speed is essential when you need to satisfy the needs of your clients. A client expects you to deliver the job in a certain period. With a machine that works double the speed, you can deliver the item in half the time, which leaves your customers satisfied.

The speed doesn’t affect the design on the various items. Regardless of the number of items, the design is highly repeatable, which promotes consistency across the products.

Low Maintenance

The no-contact nature of the laser fiber means that the strobe doesn’t come into contact with the material you are working on. This means the parts don’t wear down due to friction, which makes the tool easy to maintain.

Less Production of Debris

Traditionally, laser marking involved contact with the surface being marked. The result was production of debris, which made engineers look for a way to reduce this debris due to environmental concerns.

When you switch to the fiber laser means that you generate the same amount of contrast, but without the production of debris.

The non-contact feature makes the fiber laser the best option when handling materials that were previously restricted. Materials that don’t need contact mean can now be easily worked on.

Small Spot Size

The small spot size, coupled with the high beam quality means that you get better focus on the material. You can now mark the materials for better results at lower speed. This focused beam treats only a small area of the material, and less heat spreads to the surrounding areas.

The Conclusion

Laser technology has advanced to the point that you can now enjoy the benefits of contactless laser technology. The use of fiber lasers makes the process faster, more accurate and more reliable.