Automation on Instagram – How Much is To Much?

Automation on Instagram

Some people are really pushing it to the max and you got to ask yourself how long you expect to get away with this. Any type of automation on Instagram violates the terms of use that you agreed upon during the sign-up process. The end result? All efforts for nothing as Instagram isn’t afraid to use the ban hammer, regardless of the number of followers you achieved, you are just another number, no more or less.

There are even people out there that made it a hobby to report suspicious accounts. Somehow they get a kick out of it once such user gets banned and disappears. Don’t they have something better to do with their lives? I guess not. Each to their own I guess when it comes to hobbies.

One of the main problems are auto-posting bots that insert a ton of hashtags, this is annoying for users that are trying to find something, only to run into nothing saying posts produced by such bots, lowering the user experience of the platform. When this happens too often users simply leave the platform and that directly hurts Instagrams’ income streams so you can be sure they fight it with whatever means there are.

I made a list of violations for you:

You can not use Instagram APIs for use other than what it is intended for, I guess that’s self-explanatory.

You are not allowed to store or cache your username and password, that’s a little odd as even Chrome caches your password automatically.

You should not manage your relations through the API, neither are you allowed to use it to import posts or make backups.

You must be the one commenting on peoples profiles, don’t even think about using the API for that.

You agree to limit yourself to one action at a time, I guess they never heard of multi-tasking but whatever.

You are responsible for supplying your account with unique content, don’t replicate stuff.

Making sense out of the above

I honestly think that most of it doesn’t make any sense at all. Don’t replicate stuff I mean really? That means we aren’t even allowed to share things on Instagram anymore. Sure that can’t be true, and obviously, it isn’t but what they mean is that you shouldn’t automate any of these things.

I believe those violations can definitely use some rewriting but in essence, we get the point what they are trying to achieve.

Now that more bots are getting banned, like Instagress not so long ago, this was definitely the most popular one, more growth services are started to popup which is no more than more advanced bots really, pretending to be something else.

For a long-term solution, I would hire a virtual assistant instead, people in India are more than willing to work for only 2 dollars/hour and seeing how most growth services also charge monthly this might be a much better solution. Just make sure they don’t use a bot to do the work.