Automation on Instagram – How Much is To Much?

Automation on Instagram

Some people are really pushing it to the max and you got to ask yourself how long you expect to get away with this. Any type of automation on Instagram violates the terms of use that you agreed upon during the sign-up process. The end result? All efforts for nothing as Instagram isn’t afraid to use the ban hammer, regardless of the number of followers you achieved, you are just another number, no more or less.

There are even people out there that made it a hobby to report suspicious accounts. Somehow they get a kick out of it once such user gets banned and disappears. Don’t they have something better to do with their lives? I guess not. Each to their own I guess when it comes to hobbies.

One of the main problems are auto-posting bots that insert a ton of hashtags, this is annoying for users that are trying to find something, only to run into nothing saying posts produced by such bots, lowering the user experience of the platform. When this happens too often users simply leave the platform and that directly hurts Instagrams’ income streams so you can be sure they fight it with whatever means there are.

I made a list of violations for you:

You can not use Instagram APIs for use other than what it is intended for, I guess that’s self-explanatory.

You are not allowed to store or cache your username and password, that’s a little odd as even Chrome caches your password automatically.

You should not manage your relations through the API, neither are you allowed to use it to import posts or make backups.

You must be the one commenting on peoples profiles, don’t even think about using the API for that.

You agree to limit yourself to one action at a time, I guess they never heard of multi-tasking but whatever.

You are responsible for supplying your account with unique content, don’t replicate stuff.

Making sense out of the above

I honestly think that most of it doesn’t make any sense at all. Don’t replicate stuff I mean really? That means we aren’t even allowed to share things on Instagram anymore. Sure that can’t be true, and obviously, it isn’t but what they mean is that you shouldn’t automate any of these things.

I believe those violations can definitely use some rewriting but in essence, we get the point what they are trying to achieve.

Now that more bots are getting banned, like Instagress not so long ago, this was definitely the most popular one, more growth services are started to popup which is no more than more advanced bots really, pretending to be something else.

For a long-term solution, I would hire a virtual assistant instead, people in India are more than willing to work for only 2 dollars/hour and seeing how most growth services also charge monthly this might be a much better solution. Just make sure they don’t use a bot to do the work.


Reasons Why You Need More Instagram Followers

When it comes to Instagram, you need to know that the more active your profile is, the more visible you are to more users. Those brands that have hundreds of followers on their accounts enjoy a few perks that aren’t available to you.

Leading companies, brands, organizations, and even artists use Instagram to get their message across to their target audience. Due to this, they are looking for more followers for their Instagram account. Some of them use contests and incentives to make more people follow them because they understand the benefits that come with having a massive following on Instagram.

The answer is simple – without having followers, your social media account is as good as dead. This is why most people try and add as many followers as they can and make sure they are active.

So, why is everyone obsessed with getting more followers? Here is why.

More Followers Equals More Business

When launching a new product or service, a company needs to get the product to the people that will be willing to buy them. If they can’t buy the products, then at least they can spread the word about this product to other people that are interested.

Getting a lot of people to get interested in the product isn’t as easy as it seems, but Instagram makes it easy for you especially if you have a huge following.

You don’t have to sell the products directly to your followers, what happens is that they act as your brand marketers, spreading the word about your products.

Each follower that you have also has hundreds of followers. So, say you have 5,000 followers, and each follower has 300 people following them, this means that the news about your product can reach 5000×300 people! Before you notice it, the message about your products will have spread all over the globe, and your product will be on demand.

The More the Followers, the More Active the Account

To survive on Instagram, you need your account to be lively. Instagram is a visual platform that allows you to share the best moments of your business with the world. What you want is to have these moments shared with as many people as possible. This is only possible if you have a huge following of active followers.

The more active your account is, the more authority you command in the niche. This means you are more visible if you have more followers that are discussing your products than when you have just a few.

More Followers Equal More Feedback

At times, you want to know what the world thinks about you, the company and what you offer. If you have launched a new product or service, you are eager to know how it has been received by the masses. The good thing about Instagram is that you can decide which group of people leave the feedback depending on their age, locality, and even gender.

Traditionally, you had to spend a large part of your marketing budget to get the information. You don’t need this anymore; with the right following, you can easily get the reaction of the world.

Where Do You Get the Followers?

If followers are trickling in, then it is time to change your strategy so that you get more followers faster. For starters, check out this expert read at so that you get an idea on how to get more active followers.

In Closing

When it comes to Instagram marketing, the more followers you have, the more authority you command in the market. With an active following, you stand to sell more, enjoy better feedback and stay relevant in the niche.

What Is the Perfect Time to Post on Instagram

Obviously as a digital marketer you are looking for the best ways to optimize the performance of your content on Instagram. It is of no surprise that we post when we want, which doesn’t return the best results for your efforts.

The fact is that it is not business alone that care about optimization of content – individuals also do. Today we look at the best times to post on Instagram, regardless of the time zone.

Understanding the Algorithm

Before we try to know when the best time for posting is, you need to understand why it matters to know when to post. This is where the Instagram algorithm comes in. long time ago, the Instagram algorithm didn’t matter so much, things have changed and as we speak, it is all that matters.

Starting 2018, not all the content that you post is equal. Even if you are designing and sharing the best content there ever will be, it might just fade off, like it never existed. The reason for this fact is that Instagram is constantly deciding which posts meet the necessary standards, and which ones don’t.

You won’t get a high engagement rate just because you have posted a lot of images in such a short time. Instead, Instagram looks at the posts that have the highest number of engagement and these are the ones that are shown to your followers. And remember it is not just the level f engagement the posts receive, but how much engagement they receive and how fast the engagement is generated when you upload content.

This means that your post is rated according to the number of likes, shares, and comments the moment you upload, the more popular it becomes. The high level of engagement signals Instagram to show that what you have posted is high quality content.

So, how do the posting times come in? Knowing what times return the highest level of engagement is most likely to give you the surge that keeps you at the top of your followers’ news feed where it can easily be seen.

The Best Times

So, what are the best times to post on Instagram? Research shows that there are a few slots that are most likely to generate the highest level of engagement for your account.

If you are targeting local audiences, then the best times are lunch break (between 11am and 2pm), when they are commuting home (starting 5 pm) or when they arrive at home and are relaxing (7pm-11pm). Additionally, you can also post at 2pm, because at this time there are very few people who are posting content online, meaning your content gets seen by many people.

The best times also vary depending on the kind of content that you share. People at work will more likely check out images as compared to videos. Therefore, sharing videos at lunch break or in the evening assures you of high engagement rates compared to images.

Why You Need a Business Account to Determine the Right Times

If you are running a company business account, it is vital that you set the profile to a business account, because this will allow you to access top analytic tools and know the performance statistics of your posts. It also allows you to know more about your audience, such as the times and days when they are active. Check out the best posting times broken down for you on The Small Business Blog.

Final Words

It takes more than just throwing a handful of photos on Instagram to get the engagement that you need. What you need to do is to understand how the algorithm works, and then schedule your posts to run depending on what times you have identified.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

The promise of VR and AR is great, with many businesses integrating the technologies in their businesses. Despite this optimism, the technology has not been adopted as widely as expected.

For real estate, the potential of VR and AR is unmatched. The real estate industry is very competitive, and the better you deliver the experience to the customer the better the promise of a good sale.

One of the desires of property buyers is to tour the property way before they can decide to go and check it out. They need to tour the home, look at fixes and flips and a lot more. VR can provide all these, and make it possible for you to sell the property the easiest way. Here are a few ways that VR appears.

Touring the Home

A virtual tour is a welcome addition to the real estate experience. This is only not for the buyers, but the renters as well. The VR technology allows you to provide an interactive and all-around look of the space so that the buyer can be transferred right into the home without taking a plane to be there.

Rather than moving all day looking at a few properties, the real estate agent can make it possible for you to view 30 properties in just a few hours through the use of VR. Now you can skip the need to travel and see the property. The good thing is that it also saves the realtor a lot of time because hundreds of potential buyers can check out the property at the same time.

Many realtors that have embraced this fact have ended up selling more properties at a similar time. They are receiving more and more offers to have a virtual walkthrough of the home.

Buying the Property Sight-unseen

Many property buyers are purchasing property without being physically there. The fact is that more than 30 percent of the buyers are buying properties remotely, without the need to go to the site.

This is now much better for overseas buyers that are scared of travelling all the miles to get a look at a property. With VR, you can get the products that you need without having to hop on a plane. You can check out the home from the comfort of your couch, and make the decision immediately because you see everything first hand.

This is also ideal for new builds. Builders can come up with the right model and have a virtual tour of it. You can even check out the home before it is completed; because VR allows you to make the model into a reality.

Know What to Fix

If you have a home that needs renovation before selling it, you can go ahead and give the buyer a look at the necessary fixes before he makes the decision to buy the property.

There has been a lot of controversies when it comes to buyers who make a purchase and end up with a property that has many repair issues. What you can do is to show the buyer what he should expect from the home in real time. Take time to make sure you show everything and point them out, this way you do not have to face lawsuits from the buyer. This technology uses eye tracking to show you the various items you need. Check the technology out at

Proper Marketing Leads to More Sales

The recipe for any real estate marketing agency is the ability to market the rentals. When marketing the property, you need to make sure you show what the tenant needs. For instance, you need to show the different rooms, the size of the dining area and other factors.

Having a tour of the property draws high-quality tenants, fills the rental houses faster and reduces the rooms. It also saves time for the property owner and the tenants. In-person tours are good, but they need a lot of time and explaining to do.

You can also show off the property to various buyers at the same time.

In Conclusion

You can use VR and AR to take your real estate business to a completely new level. You can show the houses off and make sure you get the right tenants for your rental houses.

How to Be Popular on Social Media

Rarely has a brand got the viral social media response that it expects after posting content or starting a promotion. This usually happens even after you put in the hours and having quality content.

Maybe there is something that you are doing wrong.

And to make things worse, while you take all the time to get the right content, the celebrity who posts a single image is getting all the likes and followers in the world. What should you do? Should you continue toiling on and praying that one day a miracle happens, or do you change the tactic?

If I were you, I would go for the latter, and here are a few tips to get you started becoming famous on social media.

Choose the Perfect Platform

Before you can become a celebrity in the virtual world of social media, you need to get a platform to do your thing. As we speak there are so many platforms that you can use, but just a few might be right for you.

For instance, if you need an all-rounded platform for both socializing and building your brand, you can head to Instagram. What we are simply saying is that you need to find a platform depending on your needs.

If you need to connect with family and friends, you have Twitter and Facebook, but you won’t be able to build a fan base of like-minded people. Facebook can be a channel for you to amplify the content from other channels, but it can’t be the best place to put all your energy.

Create a Theme

Not that you have a platform, you need to go an extra mile and choose the right kind of content you wish to publish. Just the way celebrities have signature looks, you also need to have a theme for your social media strategy. Choose the content your audience expects to see from you, and this is what they will always come to you for. Don’t post content that will end up confusing the audience; you might end up losing them.

If you plan to post images and videos on Instagram, what is the focus? Landscapes, portraits, classic cars or cityscapes?

Once you have a theme, you need to look for your niche and then build an audience made of people that are equally passionate about the topic.

Consistency is Key

As you start the journey towards social media popularity, you need to come up with a plan to post give content to your users frequently. The audience also expects you to deliver high-quality content each time, which is why you need a plan and stick to it.

One of the ways to stay consistent and win the hearts of the audience is to use automation. You can use a tool such as LikeSocial to automatically like posts from other users.

The automation helps schedule the posts so that you can focus on other parts of social media marketing such as coming up with the right kind of content.

Have High-Quality Content

Have you seen social media posts that attract thousands of views each time? These users take time and come up with content that converts, content that elicits reaction and content that is meaningful to the audience. This is what we mean by high-quality content. Make sure you take time to come up with content that first defines you then it draws the audience into the conversation.

Final Thoughts

You can be social media popular by following a few tips. These tips are not definitive, but give you a place to start off the journey towards becoming social media famous.

Important Areas to Address for GDPR

GDPR implementation is only a few weeks away, but due to the scope of these new laws, a large percentage of the companies are already deep into the preparation. Changes are many, with many companies finding issues with data management that they never knew existed.

With GDPR, there are a few areas that you need to address more than others.

Data Security

The regulation requires you to process personal data in such a way that there isn’t any chance of unauthorized access to the data, or use of the data by unauthorized persons.

In this case, you need to work with a consultant to understand the capabilities of your system. It is not all about setting up the data protection policies but monitoring them to understand whether they are effective or not.

Remember that what might be appropriate today can be inappropriate the next day. Therefore strict monitoring in ideal to make sure you stay within compliance.


Another pillar of GDPR compliance is proper communication. You need to communicate with the people that you collect data from. This requires a complete set of skills.

Another key component of the regulation is that your clients can request for information at any time. You need to, therefore, provide mechanisms or the clients to request and access the data free of charge. You also need to make sure the client gets a response from you within a short time.

Data Governance

For you to achieve data security and proper communication, you need to implement data governance. You need to store, secure and access the data fast, which calls for proper governance. Data governance makes sure that you can store and update data in an accurate manner.

When it comes to this, you need to make sure data is used the right way. If you are using the data to send newsletters and other communications, then you need to make sure you stick to this role. If on the other hand, you need to use the data for transactions, then you need to make sure you just do that.

Data governance is a never-ending procedure that needs expertise and skills. You need to get the right people to handle the procedure so that you don’t mess up. This is why it is recommended that you get specific people to handle all activities relating to GDPR.

Hiring and Training

For you to make sure the data is secure, managed and communicated, you need to make sure you have the essential skills to handle the challenges that come up. You need to have the different officers in place early enough so that you don’t lag behind. You need to hire the right personnel to handle the tasks. To make things easy, work with a reputable company to handle the tasks for you. Go ahead and visit website so that you don’t stay behind because time is ticking.

Final Words

Take time to understand the major tenets of GDPR. Once you understand these, make sure you implement the regulations quickly to beat the deadline.

Fact: Instagram Fame is Within Reach

With over 800 million active users and counting, Instagram has become a big deal not only for individual users but brands as well. It is no wonder that celebrities enjoy a huge following on Instagram because they are already famous. What about the nobodies that get instant attention whenever they leave a simple post?

Apart from being a celebrity who goes viral just by posting a photo, you have to do more to get the attention you deserve, according to Income Artist. Let us delve into ways to be an overnight celebrity on Instagram.

Focus On Your Passion

Before you start dreaming about Instagram stardom, you need to look deep inside you and understand what your passion is. Ideally, you ought to build your Instagram page around your talent or passion. This is the best way to have a great beginning.

For instance, if you have a passion to dance, you don’t have to despair. Instead, come up with creative ways to bring it out. For instance, you can take advantage of the bad dancing moves and make fun of it. Or, why not start a story about your journey of learning how to dance and then share this experience with the whole world?

In short, have something unique that will make people sit up and notice.

Get the First 1,000 Followers

You have friends, family, colleagues and other people that you interact with. This should be your starting point. Putting yourself on Instagram is similar to walking in front of an audience for the first time. There are some people that love you just the way you are, while others won’t. Then there is a group that doesn’t care at all.

As long as you are genuine and you have something for the people that you love, you are set to roll.

The first 1000 followers are vital because they help you understand the processes that will get you where you want to go. You use them as a way to come up with a rhythm of how you want things to be.

Have Your Own Hashtag

Hashtags are the identity of your page. A peek into big brands will tell you the hashtags they use. People all over the world make use of the hashtags to find you and follow you. Having a hashtag makes the account look more professional and makes people get interested in what you offer. The tag can be anything from your name, talent, passion, product or movement you are creating.

Get More Followers

You can get more followers in various ways. Remember that the more followers you have, the more famous you become. One of the best ways to get followers is to buy them. Buying followers gives you the chance to grow your page organically and to attract more users without the need to spend hours on end running from one account to the next.

In Closing

Instagram fame comes from working towards a goal. The goal should stem from your passion or talent, or anything that makes you unique. Make use of the different features to grow your following the right way.