Fact: Instagram Fame is Within Reach

With over 800 million active users and counting, Instagram has become a big deal not only for individual users but brands as well. It is no wonder that celebrities enjoy a huge following on Instagram because they are already famous. What about the nobodies that get instant attention whenever they leave a simple post?

Apart from being a celebrity who goes viral just by posting a photo, you have to do more to get the attention you deserve, according to Income Artist. Let us delve into ways to be an overnight celebrity on Instagram.

Focus On Your Passion

Before you start dreaming about Instagram stardom, you need to look deep inside you and understand what your passion is. Ideally, you ought to build your Instagram page around your talent or passion. This is the best way to have a great beginning.

For instance, if you have a passion to dance, you don’t have to despair. Instead, come up with creative ways to bring it out. For instance, you can take advantage of the bad dancing moves and make fun of it. Or, why not start a story about your journey of learning how to dance and then share this experience with the whole world?

In short, have something unique that will make people sit up and notice.

Get the First 1,000 Followers

You have friends, family, colleagues and other people that you interact with. This should be your starting point. Putting yourself on Instagram is similar to walking in front of an audience for the first time. There are some people that love you just the way you are, while others won’t. Then there is a group that doesn’t care at all.

As long as you are genuine and you have something for the people that you love, you are set to roll.

The first 1000 followers are vital because they help you understand the processes that will get you where you want to go. You use them as a way to come up with a rhythm of how you want things to be.

Have Your Own Hashtag

Hashtags are the identity of your page. A peek into big brands will tell you the hashtags they use. People all over the world make use of the hashtags to find you and follow you. Having a hashtag makes the account look more professional and makes people get interested in what you offer. The tag can be anything from your name, talent, passion, product or movement you are creating.

Get More Followers

You can get more followers in various ways. Remember that the more followers you have, the more famous you become. One of the best ways to get followers is to buy them. Buying followers gives you the chance to grow your page organically and to attract more users without the need to spend hours on end running from one account to the next.

In Closing

Instagram fame comes from working towards a goal. The goal should stem from your passion or talent, or anything that makes you unique. Make use of the different features to grow your following the right way.

How to organically increase your Instagram profiles popularity

Like every social media platform, there are correct ways to use it effectively. The correct understanding and implementation of engagement is critical to marketing success and becoming famous on Instagram. Effective Instagram engagement will increase likes on your posts and build a bigger following.

Increase your Instagram accounts popularity

Your Instagram objective should be to engage your audience while also growing your following to reach your target audience.  You are posting lots of quality photos but you are not receiving as many likes as you want.

Use a filter when taking and posting high-quality photos

Think of Instagram as an art gallery where only the best art is on display. You should only have high-quality photos on your Instagram profile, you can use a filter to increase your photos quality. Posting fresh and interesting photos is needed, however, to grow your following and likes on the post you need to implement other methods.

Use hashtags

You can use hashtags. These are keywords that will categories you photos. The benefit of categorizing your photos with hashtags is that it will help your account to get viewed by other users and has a higher chance of getting liked.

You can use a variety of hashtags on each photo. If you want to use hashtags on your photos correctly, you’ll need to find and use the most relevant hashtags so make sure they are relevant to the post and what your account is about.  While these hashtags can be ones that are already deemed to be popular you can also make your own. Instagram has a list of hashtags that are already trending and popular. You can use these ones however it may be competitive

Engage with your followers

Have a description in your posts caption with a question included to encourage likes and comments that you should reply to. By engaging with your follower’s profiles, comments and photos way to receive likes and also comments. By taking the time to like photos hopefully, they will acknowledge this by reciprocating. You can even like the posts of random people.

Engage with other people profiles

You can engage with other profiles with their content to increase likes on your posts by following, liking and commenting on these profiles in hopes that they look at your profile and like your posts. Although this can be an effective method, receiving likes on your posts are not guaranteed. Also, this approach is time-consuming and tedious.

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