Let’s get physical!

Everyone wants it and everyone wishes for it (even if they don’t know it yet). I’m talking about that sexy summer body that turns heads. That Arnold Schwarzenegger or Pamela Anderson body, that causes times to halt and angels to sing of those bodies sexiness. We all can have the dream body, that we’ve all desired, with some easy steps, that’ll help, pretty much anyone achieve their fitness goals. The few steps involve some big changes: eat healthy, make exercise fun and finally set yourself up for success, and now let’s sound less like a motivational speaker. A healthy diet is the first step on your fitness journey.

No more fast food. Yes, you’ve heard me, right. Keep those greedy, cashier’s—who know your order by heart—away from your hard-earned money. That high calorie, high sodium intake diet, is a date with death. It’ll be smooth sailing for a while, until it tries to kill you. It’s not them it’s you. Well, it is them. Replace that fast food death trap, with apples, oranges and a well-balanced meal. Drink—water. Yes, drink water. Lose, the liquid calories and you’ll be one step closer to fitting in those slim jeans from high-school. The other part of the equation is finding the right type of exercise to reach your goals.

Do exercise that you’ll enjoy! Yes, exercise shouldn’t be like a grueling punishment. Grab a group of friends and play volleyball on the beach. Have a friendly game of basketball. Run a triathlon! Walk back and forth up a huge mountain, go into Death Valley and play a dangerous survival game. The only thing that matter is your exercise, is an enjoyable experience. If you’re doing exercise you don’t want, it won’t be done. Which, means you’ll be chiseled with six-pack abdominal—in your mind. One way to make exercise fun, is include an eleptical.

Binge watching television is your new sport with an eleptical machine. Plant that bad-boy and take advantage of the new American past-time. A season will instead be marathon. The perfect elliptical machine is the Schwinn 430 by Indoor Ellipticals. The elliptical includes features like: USB port to charge your handheld device, variety of workout options and the peace, privacy of working out in your own home. A big plus for people, who want to work-out and not feel intimidated by the muscle-monsters at the gym. Install or creating a home-gym is great-option for those who can afford it. Less excuses for not working out.

Setting yourself up for success is truly important in order, to get results at the gym. One have your gym clothes ready, having everything ready the night prepared is paramount. Spend less time, looking and just be ready. Get a friend! You’ll need someone to kick your butt, and drag you to the days you’re-just not feeling it. Reward yourself! Like Palov’s dog find something that’ll keep you motivated. It could be a piece of chocolate, only one piece or treating yourself to a massage afterword. Take pictures, and measure your weight to show your brain results. When your brain know it’s succeeding at a task it provides more motivation. Getting in shape is not easy.

It’ll take commitment and binge watching your favorite series as you ride you elliptical of in the sunset. It’ll take replacing that vodka you have at the office, with actual water. It’ll take fun. One step at a time and you’ll be doing that classic Baywatch scene as your hair, does a slow-motion freeze in the camera. You’ll look good, feel good and be the center of attention.

P.S I’m not a medical professional or certified physical trainer. 

P.SS I need to edit, please reject the article so I can fix, all the errors. I also need to replace sentences and make sure the document flows well.